More stores open at Eton Centris

MORE STORES have opened within the Eton Centris complex in Quezon City, amid the loosening of quarantine restrictions.

Popular fried chicken restaurant chain Popeyes and local favorite Pares Retiro opened branches last September. In October, Maxicare Primary Care Center opened in Cyberpod Centris Five; and IQOS launched its branch in the courtyard-style mall.

In a statement, Eton Properties Philippines’ Chief Operating Officer Karlu Tan Say said there are still a good number of businesses that find benefit in opening brick-and-mortar stores.

“A lot of businessmen would agree that digital transformation is really the way to go, but to have a physical store where customers can experience your product and exemplary service, alongside technology, is more powerful and sustainable,” she said.

Eton Properties Philippines’ Executive Vice-President Charlie Carlos said businesses have not ignored the fact that going to the mall is still a part of Filipino culture.

“In fact, our business partners are future-proofing their investments by finding more value in our wide open spaces in Eton Centris, instead of compact and closed structures because of the healthy and safe environment that we provide,” Mr. Carlos said.

Eton Centris is a 12-hectare lifestyle hub with a courtyard architectural design.

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