Taiwan semiconductor firm seeking nearly 800 Filipino workers

A semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan has opened its hiring to nearly 800 qualified qualified Filipino workers, the Department of Labor and Employment said Friday.

Silicon Precision Industries Co. Ltd. (SPIL) In Taichung City, Taiwan submitted a job order to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) outlining its personnel needs.

“The vacancies are contained in the Job Orders of SPIL that were submitted to POLO-Taichung in the middle of this week,” Labor Attache Fidel A. Macauyag said in a statement Friday.

The labor office in Taichung has directed potential applicants to the following recruitment agencies: Grand Placement & General Services Corp., MIP International Manpower Services, Inc., and JS Contractor Inc.

SPIL, a leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services, produces advanced leadframe and substrate-based packages used in computers, tablets, mobile phones, set-top boxes and LCD monitors.


It also manufactures wearable devices, smart appliances, smart cars, drones, fingerprint sensors, digital cameras, smart speakers and video consoles.

The department noted that POLO in Taichung recently estimated that SPIL employed more than 3,500 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Mr. Macauyag also said he is hoping for “early easing of travel protocols and limitations on the number of inbound passengers in Taiwan so that the prospective OFWs awaiting deployment in the Philippines may immediately work in Taiwan.” — Charmaine A. Tadalan

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