[B-SIDE Podcast] The future of consumption (a fireside chat from the BusinessWorld Virtual Economic Forum)

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On November 25 and 26, BusinessWorld held a two-day virtual economic forum with the forward-looking theme “Forecast 2021: ReBoot. ReThink. ReShape.” 

The event gathered over 40 local and international speakers who discussed the great economic reset as well as the future in a post-COVID era.

B-Side is sharing excerpts from the forum, beginning with this fireside chat between Satish Shankar, regional managing partner for Bain and Company, Asia-Pacific, and Sam L. Marcelo, BusinessWorld multimedia editor.

Over the course of this public health crisis, we’ve witnessed changes in consumption, specifically further shifts to essential goods and digital services. 

Nevertheless, consumption will contribute to growth in Southeast Asia, as Bain & Company estimates that the region will generate a total of US$4 trillion in terms of consumption in the next decade. 

In order to unlock the region’s full potential, it is encouraged that stakeholders ensure efficient and effective recovery from COVID-19, focus on talent development and socio-economic inclusion, upgrade infrastructure to support urbanization and resource management, and push for open and integrated regulation, with a hyper-local approach.

This episode was recorded remotely on November 26. Produced by Nina M. DiazPaolo L. Lopez, and Sam L. Marcelo.

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