Confident of the Filipino fighting spirit

Cocolife encourages Filipinos to press on amid 2020’s upsets in an original Christmas theme song

The year 2020 brought a lot of challenges in the country. Upon the first weeks of this year, Taal Volcano suddenly erupted, causing ashfalls around Batangas and nearby provinces. While many have just started recovering from this disaster, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic put a stop and disrupted the way we live. Add to these the devastating effects of Typhoons Quinta, Rolly, Siony, and Ulysses during this last quarter.

Feliciano Punzalan and his wife, Adora, lost their house to the Taal volcano eruption and so were forced to leave their home in which they lived for more than thirty years. “We thought, ‘If we will evacuate, we had nowhere to go, and no one will even accept us as residents due to the pandemic,’” Mr. Punzalan said in Filipino.

Maria Teresita Ortiz, a mother to five children, was among many who contracted COVID-19, and so she felt how it feels to be helpless and alone when her children cannot see her while she remained confined. “At that time, I cannot even see my children. That’s hard for me,” Ms. Ortiz said.

For Jason Rodelas, a working student and breadwinner, the pandemic adds to the fear and pressure he feels in finishing his studies while providing for his family during these times. “It is very hard for me to juggle work and schooling,” he shared.

These are just some of the stories of how Filipinos are trying to handle this year’s unique mix of challenges. Yet, as Cocolife’s newest theme song for the Christmas season exhorts the Filipino, “Tuloy Pa Rin Tayo“.

As a tribute to the Filipino during the Yuletide season, Cocolife delivers an inspiring reminder that Filipinos shall rise up from 2020’s hardships, move forward, and live on.

Aside from sharing the stories of Mr. and Mrs. Punzalan, Ms. Ortiz, and Mr. Rodelas, the video accompanying the original Christmas theme song shows how Cocolife is touching their lives in simple yet very heartfelt ways. The video also features Cocolife Foundation’s relief efforts for Typhoon Ulysses victims.

It also shows Cocolife Retail Distribution Chief Senior Vice-President Joseph Mark Ronquillo motivating his fellow teammates in the firm, reminding them that they are much more needed during these times.

Moreover, Cocolife President and CEO Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon and Cocolife Brand Ambassador Kiefer Ravena reflected on the Filipino’s strength amid the year’s several upsets. “This year, we have seen the endurance of the Filipino, that we can bear whatever life may bring,” Mr. Loon observed.

As a leading Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, Cocolife continues to believe in the Filipino, confident of how he or she stands strong amid life’s uncertainties. With its complete array of life insurance, non-life insurance, healthcare, and mutual fund products, Cocolife is ready to help clients achieve their goals, whatever circumstances might get in their way, like the pandemic.

When planning for your future, have someone who believes in your dreams. Explore Cocolife’s insurance and investment plans by visiting their website,

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