Israel Figa highlights post-pandemic marketing strategies for the long-term

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While the world is still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative to consider what the post-COVID world is going to be like, especially for businesses that are in the digital market space.

As social distancing measures and restrictions were put into place because of the pandemic, it simply accelerated the speed at which the world was going digital. Consequently, a number of online industries have been established because people have had to do things remotely. Never before were people so dependent on Zoom and Amazon to just get through the day. For digital marketers, it means that they have to make decisions that allow them to use this reliance on technology for their own benefit.

Therefore, Dr. Israel Figa has highlighted some strategies that can be put in place for successful marketing in a post-pandemic world. What are these strategies? Let’s find out:

Focus on the customers you have

Nearly every business is struggling to bring in new customers in today’s environment. Hence, Israel Figa believes it is the best time for businesses to focus on the ones they already have and who are still with you even in this economic downturn. Yes, businesses need to create services and come up with marketing campaigns for targeting new needs of their clientele, but they also need to issue refunds to customers who were on auto-pay during lockdown or had prepaid memberships. This would undoubtedly affect a business’s cash flow in the short-term, but this will be an investment.

The money will come back to the business tenfold when the economy re-stabilizes because its loyal customers will be ready to buy again. The point is to start looking out for your clients, customers and coworkers when unemployment rates are high and times are tough. They will be thankful to you and will certainly return the favor. Businesses are likely to see growth in areas like brand awareness, customer loyalty, social media engagement, organic traffic, and even new prospects.

Shift everything online

With the travel restrictions and lockdowns imposed because of the pandemic, it is certainly not surprising to know that everything is moving online. There has been a spike in businesses wanting to create websites or update existing ones, who want to focus more on ecommerce channels and trends and want to come up with new social media campaigns targeted at home-based clients. According to Dr. Israel Figa, it is the best time for businesses to enhance their online presence. It is possible that you already have some business functions online, but coronavirus has helped every business see exactly how much they can do online.

For instance, it has become possible for businesses to automate their email communications and even their services. No matter which industry our business is in, there are always more things that you can shift online and with these capabilities, you will be able to stand out to potential clients and move ahead of your competitors. You can invest in a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software, host online webinars for your clients and employees and more. The point is that the more services you shift online, the more you will be able to stay engaged with your target audience and employees, which can help your business thrive and stay resilient even in these tough times.

Invest in Facebook ads

With more and more people spending time at home and using social media, the ROI generated by PPC ads in various industries has skyrocketed. As per Israel Figa, this is a great way for a business to remind people that it is alive and well and that you want to be a big part of the ‘new normal’. Facebook ads are one way this can be done and they are quite affordable and can help businesses in showcasing any changes they have made or any exclusive COVID-19 promotions or discounts you may be offering.

Online advertisements have always proven to be affordable, engaging and well-targeted, but now they have the ability of truly scaling your business. With the audience targeting capabilities that Facebook has to offer, it is a great platform to use for reaching customers based on hobbies, location, gender, marital status, interest, profession and more. In addition, the pandemic has also brought down the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on advertisements, as businesses no longer have a big marketing budget to play with. Hence, it is a great time to use a Facebook ads strategy because it is an affordable way of bringing in leads and boosting sales.

In addition, Facebook’s retargeting strategy also comes in handy because targets the ads at people who have already had some contact with your business. Repeated and consistent advertising messages are the most effective and can work wonders for your business in generating new leads.

Introduced exclusive offers and deals

Even though new restrictions have once again been imposed due to the coronavirus, businesses can still get people interested by offering them exclusive deals or sales promotions. You can send in promotional emails to clients or you can announce these deals on social media platforms to attract attention. Dr. Israel Figa says that these kind of offers not only help businesses in retaining the loyalty of old clients, but can also bring in some fresh blood. This idea can be effective for a number of industries and is the most beneficial to those that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Freebies, discounts and similar saving options can be the right incentive to convince customers to invest in your business. In fact, businesses can go as far as offering membership deals to its clients, which can help them in earning money even during such tough times.

Putting these marketing strategies together during and after the COVID-19 pandemic can help a business in enjoying long-term benefits. They will be able to cater to their existing clients and also manage to attract new ones for helping their bottom line when things go back to normal.

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Israel Figa highlights post-pandemic marketing strategies for the long-term

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