Globe moves tech infrastructure to Amazon cloud service provider

MOBILE NETWORK operator Globe Telecom, Inc. has successfully transferred on Monday the bulk of its technology infrastructure to cloud service provider Amazon Web Systems, Inc. (AWS), in a bid to accelerate the former’s digital transformation and improve customer experience.

AWS is a subsidiary of American multinational technology company Amazon.

In a statement, Globe said that it was able to migrate its contact center operations, customer analytics, network and service assurance systems, infrastructure operations, monitoring, and security, from its on-premises data centers to AWS. It added that it continues to transfer applications to AWS to modernize its infrastructure and services. Although he did not give the exact percentage of the infrastructure that was moved to AWS, Globe’s Chief Information officer Carlomagno E. Malana told reporters in a Monday press briefing that there was “definitely a clear majority.”

Being on the cloud has improved the telco company’s operations, Globe said.

“By leveraging AWS, Globe Telecom reduced the time required to provision new infrastructure resources from more than two months to less than two days, increased app performance by 15 times, and reduced infrastructure maintenance and operation costs by 30%,” the company said in a statement. 

At present, Globe now uses cloud-based services to streamline its operations, including contact center Amazon Connect, machine learning service Amazon Polly, conversational interface builder Amazon Lex, and an artificial intelligence-powered customer service chatbot named Gie of Globe.

Globe’s Mr. Malana underscored the importance of their employees in the company’s journey of migrating to the cloud.

“One of the key things that we have in this journey at Globe was ensuring that our employees have the requisite training and… reinforcement of this training so that we’re able to have people who can think cloud,” he said.

Asked about how working on the cloud has potentially changed Globe’s data privacy practices, Mr. Malana said: “We have made significant investments in ensuring that we’re there, and really being very focused on taking good care of our customers’ data.”

For Globe’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ernest L. Cu, working with AWS would help the company develop a culture dedicated to meeting its consumers’ needs.

“The capabilities of AWS enable us to foster a customer-focused company culture that uses technology to solve meaningful customer problems. This helps us develop more purposeful relationships with our customers, making us their network of choice,” Mr. Cu said in a statement.

Earlier, AWS said that it was focused on helping its customers and partners in the Philippines in addressing the technological and skills demands of the so-called new normal. — Angelica Y. Yang

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