Benefits of email marketing automation with a Klaviyo Agency


Creating engaging emails does take time and skill, which is why many choose to enlist professional help. By doing so, you get to concentrate on what you’re good at, but that’s not what we look at in this blog.

Here we look at the value of email automation to any email marketing strategy.

Automation of emails is a great function to use during your marketing campaigns and with the help of a Klaviyo agency you can create tailored content that is delivered at precisely the right time. Let’s take a look at what makes automation such a useful function.

A Klaviyo Agency Saves Time With Email Automation

There’s no doubt that email automation can save you time, with those repetitive communications taking up valuable minutes of your already busy working day. However, as a Klaviyo agency will know, automation can be incredibly useful in creating a seamless customer experience.

After your main content is created (which is quite a task in itself), you can use automation to show that you care and that their interest in your company hasn’t gone unnoticed.

 Automation Means that You’re There – Even When You Aren’t

There’s a lot to do when running any kind of business and with all the will in the world, you can’t be available 24/7. That said, your email responses can be. Automations can be set up by your Klaviyo agency that sends out a welcome email when someone signs up to your mailing list or makes a purchase, but that’s not all.

You can also send out automatic congratulations on birthdays and other major dates like anniversaries and who doesn’t like to be thought of like that? At the same time, you can offer exclusive discounts that can be linked up to celebrations like these.

A Klaviyo Agency Keeps Your Readers In the Loop

The list of ways you can utilise email automation to support your business is almost endless, with publicity around what you’re up to amongst them. Upcoming events, promotions and sales can all be advertised or perhaps an upcoming webinar you’d like your readers to attend.

Abandoned carts are another element that a Klaviyo agency can help with, as automatic messages can be sent out to remind customers that they didn’t complete their purchase. Re-engagement with customers who haven’t connected with you in a while can also be achieved automatically.

Automation is Just One of the Tools a Klaviyo Agency Can Use

There are many tools in the toolbox of a Klaviyo agency and email automation is just one of them. You may have been attempting to deal with your entire email marketing strategy yourself and found that it’s more difficult than you realised. That’s why employing specialists in the field is such a wise move, as it frees you from this time-consuming task.

If you’re looking for an agency you can trust – and we know there are quite a few out there – we’d take a look at Eventige Media Group. Although we haven’t used them ourselves, they do have something of a reputation for delivering results.

Why struggle with what can be a very complex process when there’s professional help out there that pretty much pays for itself in engagement and sales? Just think about what you could get done with all that extra time!

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Benefits of email marketing automation with a Klaviyo Agency

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