Lexus LM 350 gives a new space for comfort and luxury

Authentic luxury, when bundled with uncompromised performance and design, makes for a very delightful experience for both car riders and passengers. This is what Lexus LM 350, one of the most in-demand models in the Lexus lineup, can offer.

Priced from P5,408,000, the LM 350 is luxuriously crafted in anticipation of every need of motorists as it delivers on the promise of exceptional comfort, performance, and safety.

The four-seater LM 350 provides passengers a spacious and tall cabin that feels naturally roomy and welcoming for every passenger.

Enclosing this cabin is a thoughtfully-designed partition that includes an elevating glass pane that can be adjusted to be transparent or opaque for utmost privacy.

Literally giving the so-called ‘best seats in the house’, the LM 350 has reclining massage seats that give passengers seven massage options and five levels of pressure. Each passenger seat is also lined with a unique AdaptiPedic foam that absorbs road vibration and also conforms to the passenger’s body. Adding further comfort to these seats are integrated power ottomans, enabling passengers to stretch their arms and legs in the spacious cabin.

Complementing these comfortable seats are twin power moonroofs that give passengers airy and spacious sights. There is also a 25-inch screen that is strategically positioned for easy viewing from any angle, coupled with a 17 to 19 speaker layout from Mark Levinson that ensures premium sound quality.

Showcasing the best of what the Takumi craftsmen of Lexus have to offer, the intricate interior of the LM 350 is designed with care intro every surface that is seen and felt. The Gin Sui Boku ornamentation takes inspiration from Japanese paintings, giving harmony with the cabin and easily identifying the luxurious multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) as a Lexus model.

The LM 350’s passenger-centric design continues with assist grips, side steps, and sliding doors that allow passengers to enter and exit with ease. The lower partitions of either side of the cabin provides plenty of clever cabin storage for handbags and attache cases. Adding to the seamless convenience in the MPV is an onboard refrigerator that is likewise carefully designed to intuitively meets passenger needs whatever the occassion.

The exterior of the LM 350 further evokes the luxury Lexus is identified with. LM 350’s bold front features a spindle grille that exudes a sense of power, while its back is highlighted by L-shaped taillights that emphasize the MPV’s wide stance and low center of gravity. Along the car’s sides, the meticulously designed arrowhead accents in the center pillar complement the side profile. Its wheels are finely detailed with sophisticated three-dimensional spokes, enhancing LM 350’s presence on the road.

These stunning features are nicely bundled with its impressive performance and assuring safety features. At the heart of the LM 350 is a 296hp 3.5-liter V6 engine that carries a maximum speed of 230 kilometers per hour and can accelerate to 100kph in 7 seconds. The engine enables a Direct-Shift continuously variable transmission that realizes both excellent fuel economy and exhilarating driving performance.

LM 350 also enables optimized suspension through swing-valve shock absorbers that quickly suppress both vertical and lateral movement. These minimize vibrations in the vehicle and ensure elegant ride quality.

The MPV also comes with a Stop & Start System, which shuts off the engine when the LM comes to a stop, resulting in conserved fuel for longer rides.

The LM 350 puts a prime on safety through several features. Its Adaptive High-Beam System provides a wider illumination area with smooth and fine light distribution control without affecting the drivers of vehicles ahead.

Helping motorists avoid potential accidents, its Pre-Collision System attached at the front alerts the car on impending collisions.

Further guiding the car on the road, the Lane-Tracing Assist system uses a forward-facing camera to monitor lane markings. It will then automatically apply steering inputs to keep the vehicle centered on its lane.

Other safety features include Dynamic Radar Cruise Control; Blind-Spot Monitor; Parking Support Brake; and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert features.

The culmination of Lexus’s finest work is embodied by the LM 350. Ensuring comfort, efficiency, and safety while letting luxury stand out, the LM 350 enhances motorists’ journeys in relaxing and rewarding ones.

With Lexus, craftsmanship meets modern technology, and the breathtaking result delivers a passenger experience like no other.

Learn more about LM 350 by visiting the Lexus website at, or visiting its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram (@lexusmanila). To arrange a consultation with your personal sales consultant, visit the Lexus Remote page at

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