New app Amigo enters on-demand delivery industry

Amigo, a new player in the local on-demand delivery industry, provides parcel delivery, cash handling (a service involving the delivery of cash and payments on behalf of a customer), queuing service (a service involving lining up at an establishment on behalf of a customer to complete a delivery or claim an item), and “pasabuy” (a play on the Filipino pasabay, a term used when requesting someone to get something at a store they plan to shop in) via motorcycles. Amigo will officially launch second week of February.

Customers can book immediate or scheduled parcel delivery, and can pay a priority fee if no rider accepts their booking. Up to 20 drop-off locations can be placed for a single booking, with a route optimization feature created for such multiple drop-offs. 

Each merchant partner, meanwhile, can expect a weekly analytics report as well as a dedicated account manager to cater to their business needs and concerns. Available too is package insurance with guidelines on possible scenarios like product damage, rider cancellations, and mishandling.

Partner riders similarly have the benefit of advanced analytics plus job cards containing details such as earnings and parcel details to improve their personal delivery business. Riders are not required to sign exclusivity agreements, and are supported through onboarding and training.

“Riders are their own bosses. Everyone is accountable for their own time,” said Kimberly Siy, Amigo’s co-founder and managing director. 

To ensure privacy, riders are required to encode a one-time password (OTP) at each pick-up and drop-off location. A number masking feature will additionally be rolled out in the coming months to hide contact numbers from app users.

“I don’t think it’s bad timing to launch at the tail end of the pandemic,” said founder and president Matthew Siy Cha, replying to a question regarding the app’s unveiling. “The pandemic sped up the projection the Philippines is headed towards. What sets us apart is that Amigo recognizes every delivery should be [a happy experience] for all stakeholders, and not just for customers. We want to live up to our name and really be an amigo.”

The app will initially be available in Metro Manila, Rizal, and some parts of Cavite. — Patricia B. Mirasol

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