Winchargeback review – Is Winchargeback a scam or legit?

The trading has grown exponentially over the past few years, especially with the rise of cryptocurrencies a few years ago.

Whereas some have made it their primary source of income, others have managed to squeeze in some time to trade throughout the day. But along with the rise of traders in the industry, trading in general has seen a worrying rise in scams.

These scams have not only increased in number, but have also become incredibly more convincing. Therefore, a new trader’s first hope to recover from these realistic looking scams is a recovery service. But if you have your eyes on Winchargeback to help you recover, you should likely reconsider.

How Recovery Services Work

Recovery services are quite similar for the most part. They all offer the same service sand objective: to help you recover from a scam. They will usually do this by performing an investigation and then confronting either the scam or financial institutes to recover your loss. The differences lie in the methods that they use to recover your money.

But the simple service of recovering your losses is not the only thing that makes up a recovery service. Instead, plenty of other factors and features make up a good company. And in the case of Winchargeback, while they do offer a great primary service, other factors need improvement.

Where Are They Lacking?

Winchargeback is a service dedicated to helping customers recover their funds. However, many of the features that could make the experience more streamlined are missing or lacking. Therefore, it is important for you to make an educated decision before jumping in with Winchargeback. And you can only make an educated decision when you know all of the facts. Here are a few things you should consider.

Lack of Information about the Team

There are few things that raise suspicions about a company more than the lack of their team. Granted, the particular line of work they are in can prohibit them from sharing that information. Regardless, the least that a company can do is to give customers information about the team composition, their professions, and their experience.

By knowing the people who will be working on their case, clients will be a lot more trusting in the service. Unfortunately, Winchargeback does not offer this information to their clients.

The lack of information about the team also means that clients cant know if the company has the right people for the job or not. They do provide a pen name for the owner of the company, Rebecca, which is much better than what most other services do. Nevertheless, it is still not enough.

Not Enough Good Communication Tools

It is not uncommon for people to wait for some time when trying to recover their money. It comes with the territory of the recovery market, as all companies tend to take their time in helping you get your money back. So to help customers feel more comfortable, these companies will usually offer good communication tools that could allow you to easily communicate with them and ask them questions about the case.

But unlike most other companies, Winchargeback does not offer a lot of good communication tools. In other words, customers will have a hard time getting in touch with them about their case. People looking to make use of their services will also find it very difficult to contact them.

The lack of good communication methods also means that Winchargeback will only contact you through email. They do not offer a phone number or any other medium of communication.

Price Limit

People can lose a significant amount of money to trading scams. In fact, most people have lost tens of thousands of dollars to these scams. And even though loosing over $10,000 is a lot of money, Winchargeback will only help people who have lost over $20,000 USD.

So people who have lost even over $15,000 to these scams cannot make use of their service. Unfortunately, by adding a price limit, they are cutting off a large portion of people who otherwise need their help. Therefore, unless you have lost over their limit, they cannot help you.

No Clear Directions for Getting Money Back

As a customer deciding if they should use a specific service, you always want to know how they will help you. You want to specifically know how they will go about getting your money back, and what steps they will take. So to make their customers feel more at ease, companies will go talk more about the process of recovering their funds.

Winchargeback, on the other hand, does not make its process public knowledge. Therefore, you will not know how they will go about getting your money back, except for the broad steps of investigating and confronting the company.

They Are Certainly Not All Bad

Although they certainly have some problems when compared to other companies, they still have a lot of good going for them. They have very good reviews throughout various websites thanks to how quickly they are able to solve a case. In fact, they are some of the fastest in the market when it comes to solving a case.

They also openly offer different plans with proper pricing, which is quite the change among its competitors. Most companies do not even offer their pricing openly and will only tell you after your first consultation. Simply put, you will know exactly how much you will have to pay when you are using their service; whereas with other companies, you would have to wait for your first consultation.

Regardless, considering Winchargeback as a complete package, there are still some things that they have to work on. Lack of communication options and the price limit the first two that they should be working on. So if you are looking to get your money from a scam and are looking to get help from Winchargeback, you want to consider the factors above. For more info on recovery scams visit this website.

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