17 Types of Moon Lamps You Never Knew About!

Moon lamps sure add beauty to your home but they don’t stop at just the looks. A moon lamp is a complete package that packs both looks and function.

Moon lamps can be categorized on the basis of purpose and features.

As regarding the function, if you’re looking for something that can light the whole place up and can fit in place of your standard ceiling lamps then the hanging moon lamps are the best option.

If you like to change the layout of your room a lot or want something that can be moved around easily then the table top moon lamps can add flair to your space. The best thing about these kinds of moon lamps is that they pack a ton of features and come with so many variations that you’ll never get bored.

Impress your guests with fascinating styles. Royal Moon Lamp also offers specialized moon lamps that can be customized and can also pack remote-control support.

Here are some of the most popular variations that Royal Moon Lamp offers so you can get the Moon Lamp you want!

The Royal Moon Lamp – The original moon lamp that started it all, it looks great on the table top and will definitely turn heads. Switch between the warmth with just a tap and enjoy the heavenly light.

The Galaxy Moon Lamp – Love the stars? Wait till you see one of these light up in your room. You’ll fall in love with the stars again. The galaxy moon lamp comes with a 16 color option, is rechargeable, and can be controlled from a distance thanks to the nifty remote control.

The Levitating Moon Lamp – Want your lamp to look futuristic? The levitating moon lamp floats in the air! Magnets make the magic happen so your table top is a style statement on its own.

The Royal Moon Air Humidifier – The Royal Moon Air Humidifier keeps the air around you friendly and fresh while getting covert looks from the onlookers. It will lighten up your space with its fascinating looks and function.

The Royal Planet Lamps – These are a handful, literally they are! A handful of globes with all the planetary images will leave everyone wondering about the pretty sight you have at your place.

The Royal Saturn Lamp – Love the planet with the discs around it? Now you can make it your own. Bring home the royal Saturn lamp and experience the space in your very own space.

The Royal Hanging Lamps – These excellent lamps will hang from the ceiling in place of your traditional fixtures and will lighten up your whole space.

Levitating Galaxy Moon Lamps – Love our levitating moon lamp? Guess what! We’ve got even more! Choose from the one you love and add a futuristic touch to your table that is bound to turn heads.

The Royal Earth Lamp – We love our home planet more than anything! Royal Moon Lamp actually has a Earth globe that will light up to give your room or office the aura of the blue planet.

Moon Lamp with Quran Speaker – What’s better than a glowing moon lamp? One that can recite while it glows! Browse through our collection to choose the Quran speaker moon lamp that packs a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your phone to make magic happen!

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