iPhone’s IMEI Number: Why Does It Really Matter?

IMEI number

Nowadays, around 96% of Americans​ own at least a cellphone. And iPhones have become the must-have for everyone.

However, iPhones have been a favored target of looters and thieves due to its resale value. Or, there are times when you simply misplaced it somewhere. Losing your shiny iPhone can be painful as your personal data might fall into the wrong hands. ​That’s when the IMEI number comes to the rescue. Your iPhone’s IMEI number is a bigger deal than you think and we will discover how in the section below.

First, what Is The IMEI Number and What Is It Used For?

All over the world, people are facing a global crime wave of stolen and fraudulent smartphones, which costs billions of dollars every year. According to Apple, iPhone users unlock their phone 80 times a day. So, it is actually not surprising that iPhones can easily fall to phone thieves.

Getting to know your iPhone’s IMEI number is very important in many cases. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and serves as a 15-digit number that is assigned to every iPhone. In other words, an IMEI number acts as your phone’s social security ID that separates it from other devices on the market.

Your iPhone’s IMEI number is unique and is different from the SIM or UICC. Basically, you can use your iPhone’s IMEI to track or locate your device no matter what SIM card you are using on it. Also, if your iPhone is stolen and someone removes your SIM card, you can block or erase your device remotely using Find My iPhone​.

Getting to know your IMEI number also comes in handy for those who want to check everything about their device, including production date, warranty status, lock status, or iCloud activation lock​.

How to get your iPhone’s IMEI number

There are several ways to obtain your iPhone’s IMEI number. However, the easiest one is to go through the Phone app. Here is how.

  • On your iPhone, open the Keypad.
  • After that, enter ​*#06#​ then the IMEI number will just appear automatically on the screen

One major drawback is that you can’t copy the number, meaning that you need to write it down, which is a little bit exhausting.

Note: For older models like iPhone 6, you should notice that the IMEI number is printed on the back of the iPhone. 

Another method to get your IMEI number is to check the SIM tray. To do this, use your SIM removal tool to remove the SIM tray, and you should see that your IMEI is written on the underside of it.

Also, using the Settings app is a great option because you can copy & paste the number, and store it in a safe location. Here is how to do it:

  • Open ​Settings​.
  • Tap ​General > About​.
  • Scroll down to find the IMEI number.

So Why Does an IMEI Matter?

An IMEI number really matters to all iPhone owners. In fact, you can easily check the IMEI number to know more about your device. This is important if you plan to buy a second-hand iPhone. In fact, if you fall for an iPhone that’s still tied to the previous owner’s iCloud, then your device turns into a useless paperweight.

You can contact your carrier and ask for an IMEI check or use a third-party option. In fact, most of the IMEI checkers out there are free, but some have hidden fees, so beware of scams.

iPhoneIMEI.net ​could be a good option if you are looking for a third-party solution. They offer a free IMEI check without any hidden fees and only use your IMEI number.

Simply obtain your IMEI number and enter it into the input field. The process takes seconds and you should see everything about your phone on the screen. From here, you can find out if your iPhone is still linked to its previous owner’s iCloud. In this case, try contacting its old owner and ask them to sign off from their account remotely.

If your device is lost or misplaced, contact your carrier, then provide them with your IMEI number, and ask them to add your device to the gray list of the IMEI database, so they can track your device and even block it, thus preventing any unauthorized access.

The Bottom Line

The IMEI number really matters. So it’s a better idea to access your iPhone’s IMEI number. A​nd, as more people acknowledge what the IMEI number can do, iPhone thieves won’t stand a chance against us now.




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