Geared up for the ‘now normal’

Honda Cars Philippines leverages digital presence as it remains committed to serve the Filipino automotive market

Masahiko Nakamura, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. president

LAST YEAR was a very difficult time for the automobile industry due to the pandemic, with the lockdown forcing dealerships to close and eventually causing dampened sales.

As it faced these challenges, however, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) saw an opportunity to fast-track its strategy and operations, and prepare the company to serve consumers better in the ‘now normal.’

As HCPI’s President Masahiko Nakamura shared, Honda maximized its digital platforms in order to reach consumers even without them stepping into their showrooms.

“In June, we have launched our website’s new feature, Auto Loan Link page. In August, we have introduced our online dealership facility, VIRTUAL@Honda,” Mr. Nakamura said in an e-mail. “Through these efforts, we aim to provide mobility, convenience, and ease of ownership to Filipinos in order to improve their quality of life amidst the pandemic.”

The HCPI president recognized that because of the pandemic’s disruptions, how the automotive industry reaches consumers has already changed, largely through amplifying the online presence of industry players.

“The pandemic has challenged the whole industry to be innovative in creating strategies to reach out efficiently and effectively to the public and convey their target message through different ways without requiring physical presence,” Mr. Nakamura observed, citing virtual launches and showrooms as examples.

As the Philippine economy slowly bounces back amid the continuing battle against the pandemic, Honda hopes to do its share in helping revitalize the economy in the coming years as it keeps a steadfast commitment to serve the local market and to provide mobility for everyone.

“We have crafted different strategies in order to maintain comprehensive process to provide quality products and reliable after-sales services to our customers,” Mr. Nakamura said, adding that it keeps the safety of customers and associates their top priority by ensuring a safe and healthy environment within their dealerships and offices.

Mr. Nakamura also expressed his optimism on Honda’s growth prospects as they look forward to the expansion of the brand’s network with the opening of a new dealership, as well as the development of its product lineup with the launch of new models.

“We encourage all customers and fans to watch out for the latest news in the coming months on these exciting future endeavors of Honda this year,” he added.

Likewise, Mr. Nakamura has high hopes for the entire automotive industry in the country to continuously drive and bounce back in the near future.

“The fact is, we are all in this boat together and all industries, including ours, are doing its best to cope with the business challenges, posed by the ongoing pandemic,” Mr. Nakamura said. “What we can do now is to continue focusing on the things that we can control, and manage and mitigate the things that we have no control over.”

In addition, the HCPI president extends his gratitude to their Filipino customers for the continuous patronage to the brand, and he reaffirms Honda’s commitment to serve the market amid a disrupted landscape.

“Please know that we are fully committed and will continue to do our best to providing top quality products and excellent customer service,” he said.

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