Why You Should Consider Online Wholesale Clothing Shops for Your Store Inventory

One of the most important things when running a clothes shop, is having, both in terms of quantity and variety, a good inventory of stock.

As sourcing and buying stock from individual manufacturers and suppliers can be a mountainous and time-consuming task, you will likely be interested in any alternative that can help you save time, effort and crucially, money.

One option you may not have considered thus far is using a reputable clothing wholesaler specialising in wholesale fashion clothing like Stylewise Direct . There are many reasons why you should which we are going to highlight in the following post.


It is perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a wholesaler for the majority of the stock for your store – that it is incredibly convenient. Rather than having to visit or speak to many different suppliers and manufacturers, you only need to go to one place to get all the garments and accessories you need for your store, making the whole process incredibly time-efficient.


Another huge benefit of switching to a clothing wholesaler for your clothing store inventory, that goes hand in hand with the above, is the fact it can be very cost-effective. Not only are you potentially travelling around from one supplier to another trying to find the right items to fill your shelves and hangers, but because you are making lots of different deals, you may have several different delivery charges to pay.

With a wholesaler, there is the potential of finding everything you need all under the same roof. As well as benefitting from special deals for buying over a certain amount, you will also be able to take advantage of the fact that you will only have one delivery charge, as everything is coming from the same place.


Depending on who your target customer base is and the type of clothing you are selling from your store, it is likely that you will want to offer some variety. Whether it is variety in terms of the range of colours and patterns garments are available in or in terms of the different styles of garments, a clothing wholesaler is a great source.

There is a wide range of garment types and styles available, in different sizes and colours, meaning you will be able to stock your shelves and hangers, whether they are figurative or physical, with enough variety for your customers to find unique items to add to their wardrobe.


We have touched on this benefit when discussing others, but we felt it was important enough that it should be spotlighted separately. When you order stock through a clothing wholesaler, everything is much quicker. It is faster to order the stock you need, because everything is under the same roof, and even quicker if you are buying from an online wholesaler or a physical wholesaler who has an online arm to their business. Not only that, but they can deliver the stock needed for your clothing shop quicker and easier than if you were to source it from separate places.

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