Five Things You Must Know About Casinos Without Swedish Licenses

Have you been considering gambling at a casino without a Swedish license? If you are living in Sweden and you enjoy gambling, you are likely quite familiar with the strict rules that are in place.

Even though the laws have become somewhat more relaxed in recent years, they are still far more stringent than other places in Europe and much of the rest of the world. These restrictions can put a damper on play and reduce the amount of fun you are having and the amount that you could potentially win.

Because of those restrictions, many gaming companies have opted not to get a Swedish license. A growing number of Swedish players are now starting to consider gambling with those casinos because of the things they can offer. Let’s get a closer look at some of the most important things to consider when it comes to these types of casinos.

The Casinos Are Legal for Swedish Nationals

One of the most important things to know about these casinos is that they are entirely legal for you to play if you are a Swedish national. You aren’t restricted to only playing at the land-based casinos or casinos that have a Swedish license. This provides you with more freedom and flexibility when it comes to how and where you decide to play.

In addition to being legal for residents of Sweden, playing at these types of casinos could provide you with some tax benefits. Namely, with many of the sites, you will not have to pay taxes on your winnings in most cases, and it is perfectly legal.

Typically, only casinos that are licensed outside of Europe will require EU players to pay 30% tax on winnings that amount to 100 SEK or more. Casinos that are licensed by an EU country will not require tax on winnings if they do not target Swedish players with their marketing. Always check to see whether you will have to pay taxes on the winnings or not, so you don’t run afoul of the law. Those that are in Curacao or UKGC will likely have taxes. Those from Malta should be tax-free.

You Can Earn Bonuses and Free Spins

Something else of note when it comes to casino utan Svensk licens is that you will receive and earn bonuses and free spins. As it stands, casinos that are licensed in Sweden will not allow anything other than a welcome bonus. Naturally, many players like the idea of earning bonuses while they are playing. It can provide them with more of an incentive to choose a casino and to keep playing. The same is true with free spins. If you want to enjoy those benefits, you will need to choose a casino that doesn’t have a Swedish license.

You will also find that those casinos without a license in Sweden will often have VIP and loyalty programs you can join. This can provide you with even more bonuses and reasons to play.

No Slot Restrictions

If you have played slots on a casino operating in Sweden with a license, then you will have noticed that it plays slowly. This is because there is a law that requires all of the slots to have a three-second delay between the pulls. The government implemented this as a means to slow down gambling and to make people think about their pulls rather than getting into the rhythm of just pressing the button to spin over and over again.

However, not everyone has a problem gambling. Some people just like to relax and play some slots. The three-second pause between spins slows down their gaming and can be annoying. When you choose to play through a casino that doesn’t have a Swedish license, you won’t run into this issue.

More Game Options Are Available

Most people who enjoy gambling like to have a bit of variety when they are playing. They don’t want to be restricted on the types of games they play and the options that are available. However, casinos that have a Swedish license tend to be limited in what they offer. The range is limited because there are often not as many gaming companies from which to choose.

Fortunately, this will not be an issue when you opt for a casino that doesn’t have a Swedish license. They have a much wider variety of options with their games and the types of slots they can provide. If you are looking for a lot more choice than what you would get with a local casino, they tend to be a good option.

The Casinos Have Licenses, Just Not Swedish Licenses

One of the other things that are important to know regarding these casinos is that they do have licenses. They just don’t have licenses in Sweden. They might have a license in Malta or Curacao, for example, and they will follow those rules. Fortunately, those rules are far laxer when it comes to what is and is not allowed with gambling. Keep in mind that the location of the casino’s license will often dictate whether you have to pay taxes on your wins or not, as well.

Consider Choosing a Casino without a Swedish License

Now that you have a better understanding of the most important things to know about Swedish casinos without licenses, you can see just why they are becoming so popular. They have a wide range of benefits, and there are plenty from which you can choose. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the casinos you are considering will be worth your time or money. You still need to do some research to ensure you are playing at a reputable casino that will keep you safe and offer plenty of games.

Take the time to sort through the various options that interest you, learn more about the casinos and what they offer in terms of games, bonuses, deposits, etc. Find a solution that can provide you with the level of online gambling that’s right for you without worrying about the laws in Sweden.

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Five Things You Must Know About Casinos Without Swedish Licenses

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