Are Serviced Offices the Right Fit for your Business Post Pandemic?


After more than a year of working from home, there’s no doubt returning to the office is going to be a little strange.

Whether it’s a familiar space in the office you left or a new temporary space, bringing the team back into the office will take some getting used to and a little trial and error to get everyone comfortable in a group setting.

While some employees may be excited to return to the office, others may be reluctant, especially after experiencing increased flexibility and zero commute time.

As a business, it’s the perfect reset opportunity for you to build a welcoming, safe and flexible space for your team to return to. For those returning to the old office, familiarity may be enough to help ease this transition.

But for those businesses without an office, the options to build a workspace that fits the various needs of all employees including those who may be a little hesitant to give up their cosy home work environment, is greater than ever.

While spending the time, resources and costs to find a long term lease is still a viable option to build a traditional headquarters, serviced offices offer SME businesses the opportunity to be more flexible in your level of commitment and take a more temporary space while you gauge the teams level of comfort and manage the economic turbulence that may lie ahead.

So if you’re looking for a new office, here are a few reasons why a serviced office may be the right option for your small to medium sized business.

Fully-fitted, turnkey, and ready to go

Serviced offices come fully-fitted with options to customise the space to fit your small business needs. There’s no need to sort furnishings or Internet access. By contrast it can take months to find and negotiate a long term office lease before the expense of  fitting it out

On day one, you can walk into your new serviced office with everything ready to go. Your agreement will have determined an opening day, and your space is guaranteed to be fully operational on day one. This is just one of the many perks that free up your time as a business leader.

Flexibility of rental terms

As the economic outlook may be a little cloudy for the foreseeable future, the thought of a large expenditure to cover the bank guarantees, may be the last thing you want to do as a business owner.

Serviced offices not only eliminate getting stuck in a long-term contract, but the commitment with them can be as minimal as month to month. If a longer commitment is required, there are license agreements for three-months to two years which will also help you score a better deal on the monthly price.

Pay for what you use

Gone are the days of renting a space at its full rate and only taking up half of it. One company might need an entire suite in a serviced office. Another may need communal workspace in a coworking environment where costs for the daily necessities are shared. Especially in tight financial times, you can rest assured that you are only paying for what you use.

Grow your office as the team grows

While the pandemic has forced some businesses to pull back expenditures, others have clearly benefited from the new reality and grown well beyond expectations. Whether your business is in a holding pattern or growing beyond your dreams, having the ability to adjust your office space requirements to the changing dynamics of today’s business reality is more than ever.

Today’s serviced offices provide a few more options to help you manage growth whether it’s a few more desks or a larger space with meeting rooms and your own private kitchen, all without any penalties for breaking the lease.

Give your team extras such as end of trip amenities

Outside of the benefits above, one major and often overlooked benefit to entice your team back to a great workspace is that many office operators provide additional amenities that you likely won’t find in a traditional office lease, at least without considerable cost.

While the free tea and beer often get all the attention, the real benefits for staff include amenities such as changerooms, showers, lockers and bike storage as well as fitness and yoga studios. Today’s serviced offices provide a host of extras that help make the workspace a more welcoming and friendly environment for all team members.

Operators such as The Office Group, Landmark Offices, Argyll Club, and Mindspace provide a mix of amenities to make finding the right workspace for your team easier than ever. There’s such a varied selection of Service Offices available now that there’s something to suit every budget and quality requirement.

Save time and frustration

Unlike a traditional lease which often requires months of researching, contacting and negotiating with landlords, renting a serviced office can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks often without the frustrations or associated costs of dealing with lawyers.

To assist in your search, flexible workspace specialists do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. While you can do your own search, flexible workspace specialists like Rubberdesk cover the whole market and do all the heavy lifting for you for free. They even negotiate the best serviced office deals on your behalf to ensure you find the best option for your business.


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Are Serviced Offices the Right Fit for your Business Post Pandemic?

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