Bea Alonzo is the New Tanduay Calendar Girl

ACTRESS Bea Alonzo has been named the new Tanduay Calendar Girl for 2022, joining the ranks of previous Calendar Girls that include actresses Heart Evangelista, KC Concepcion, Ellen Adarna, Barbie Imperial, and 2021’s Ivana Alawi, among others.

“She is the Tanduay Calendar Girl we need during these uncertain times,” said Marc Ngo, Tanduay Senior Brand Manager and International Business Development Manager, in a statement. “Someone who will remind us that change can be a good thing, but you have to be strong as you breeze through these changes. No stress, just be calm and collected, so you can emerge beautifully out of every situation you are in.”

He was referring to the changes that the actress has undergone over the past year, one of which was transferring to GMA after more than two decades with another network.

“She’s going through a transition in her career, a blossoming stage, if you may call it. She values her craft and her authenticity shines through,” Mr. Ngo was quoted as saying in the statement.

Apart from the Tanduay Calendar Girl project, the company is also exploring other collaborations with the actress.

In 2022, Ms. Alonzo will star in her first primetime series under GMA, and in a movie with Alden Richards, among other projects.

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