Celebrating the purposeful life of fathers

In recognition for standing tall as the pillar of the family, people all over the world celebrate Father’s Day for super dads and father figures. Because they are the families’ frontliners who lead the pack to come out stronger as one, especially through the hardships and adversities faced during the height of the pandemic, many affirmed that fathers deserve to be honored, pampered, and supported exceptionally good this time around.

In the Philippines, Father’s Day is celebrated all-month long of June. Now that the country eases quarantine restrictions over the global health crisis, a multitude of options to express appreciation towards the family’s ever-dependable role models is available.

As fathers’ relationship with their children displays the utmost commitment and selfless love through sacrifices for the whole family’s welfare, Filipinos have creative and innovative ways to celebrate this wonderful occasion of honoring different types of dads.

Dads may talk about how they don’t want gifts for Father’s Day, but their loved ones know better. Finding the best gift for the man the family always look up to is no easy feat. To get started, lifestyle gurus advised people to consider giving presents and spending time on activities appropriate to what their dads particularly like.

For the handiest dad who enjoys fixing things at home, a complete set of power tools for mechanic aid, DIY projects, and house maintenance are guaranteed to impress them. If unsure of what to buy, some commercial hardware stores offer electronic gift cards nationwide to let dads pick their preferred tools by themselves.

Meanwhile, since the onset of the pandemic, most companies opted for flexible work arrangements to ensure the safety of the employees. As most dads work from home now, giving them the gift of comfort is another option, like gifting an ergonomic office chair that provides seat support and customizable table lamps to illuminate the home office and keep dad awake and active throughout the workday.

Technology has also already seeped into the modern Filipino culture. Many, including dads, use gadgets for purchasing, connecting to friends, watching their favorite channels and even gaming. Techie dads will want a better mobile experience in the form of phone accessories. Family members, as a way of giving back to the man of the house, can send funds to their e-wallets or finally proceed to checkout some products on techie dads add-to-cart lists.

For fit dads, a new pair of running shoes would definitely delight them. Some gym or sports equipment would also motivate them to keep their bodies in shape. While most of these dads are also avid sports fans, gift ideas like jerseys, caps and towels are also recommended.

But perhaps, the ultimate gift that families can prepare for their fathers is to buy them something ‘super’. Some social media influencers surprised their fathers with a new ride. While for many netizens, simply ushering their dads to the gasoline station and fueling their tanks full counts as an expensive Father’s Day gift already.

While it’s superb and ideal to buy pricey gifts for dads, getting creative with personalized gifts like letters, a nostalgic memoir or a scrapbook that can let them take a trip down the memory lane will still make dads feel special on this occasion.

For fathers working abroad and away from their families, preparing something sentimental like a Father’s Day dedication cake or a gratitude post online with old photos will keep them looking forward to coming home soon.

Some fathers value the bond of the family over material possessions. Spending this occasion with their loved ones on activities they dreamed of doing together will surely warm a father’s heart.

For foodie dads, family members can prepare a simple breakfast-in-bed meal for dads or take them to their favorite pub, set up barbecue sessions in the yard, treat them to a special dinner feast or organize a formal date night with mom on a yacht.

Some dads want to break the mundane of their daily work hustle by spending time with their families on a getaway out of the city. On this occasion, helping them organize outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, and stargazing — buzzwords of an adventurous father — can drive them to continue doing what they want amidst on doing what they needed to do for the family.

But for many dads, the everyday display of love, time and respect in their family is what really matters.

For a lot of Filipinos, simple yet engaging family activities like card and board games by the living room floor, a movie marathon at the couch, watching a ball game together, tending the backyard, taking small road trips on the way home from the grocery store, or singing and dancing in front of the karaoke, remain to be the best ways to celebrate the purposeful life of a father. — Allyana A. Almonte

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