‘Great resignation’ finds PHL workers wary of job-hopping


PROFESSIONALS in the Philippines are responding to the so-called “Great Resignation” by expressing reluctance to switch jobs unless they have another job offer lined up, according to recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, citing the results of a survey.

The report on the results of the survey, “The Not-So-Great resignation,” which was released on Thursday, indicates that 57% of Filipino professionals cited an assured landing spot as a precondition for leaving their current employer.

According to Robert Walters, the survey was conducted in June and involved 2,638 professionals and 1,131 companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“Job security proved important for the Philippines, with 57% of professionals uncomfortable leaving their job without a new one lined up… although they have thought of resigning, 38% of professionals still didn’t leave their jobs,” the report said.

“Among Southeast Asia, professionals in the Philippines are most likely to have (re-evaluated) how work fits into their personal lives… Talent in the Philippines was also the sole group in Southeast Asia to clearly prioritize work flexibility in (valuing) an employer,” it added.

The survey found that 74% of professionals in the Philippines considered resigning last year but 38% decided not to.

The top reasons affecting their decision to stay include no suitable replacement job (60%), uncertainty over the new workplace’s culture (33%), and changes in personal circumstances (26%).

Some 89% of talent in the Philippines have re-evaluated their work-life priorities over the past year, with a new focus on mental and physical health, the survey found. “Beside salaries, professionals value flexible work arrangements and inspirational colleagues and culture when looking at employers,” the survey said.  

“Companies should attract and retain employees through holistic packages that cover salaries, work flexibility and career development. Also, consider hiring and grooming talent based on potential, as they will be more likely to stay and grow with your organization,” Robert Walters Philippines Senior Manager Mae Mendoza said. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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