Boyce Avenue returns to Philippines for three concerts

IT is safe to say that the boy band Boyce Avenue really likes performing in the Philippines — it will, after all, be returning for the 11th time in February for concerts in Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

Based in Florida, the US band Boyce Avenue — the band’s name is a combination of two streets the members grew up on in Sarasota — consists of the Manzano brothers, Alejandro Luis (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Fabian Rafael (guitar, vocals), and Daniel Enrique (bass, percussion, vocals). The band was formed in 2004 and began posting song cover videos on YouTube in 2007 which help paved their career as professional musicians. To date, they have over 4.8 billion YouTube views and over 16.2 million subscribers. The band frequently tours North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and visits new countries every year.

Boyce Avenue will be performing in Manila on Feb. 11 at the Araneta Coliseum, in Cebu on Feb. 12 at the Waterfront Hotel Ballroom, and in Davao on Feb. 14 at the SMX Convention Center.  The group first performed in the Philippines in 2009.

“[We] are more excited to play live than we ever have been before just because we’ve taken a little bit of time off because of the pandemic and everything,” guitarist Fabian Manzano said during an online press conference on Jan. 25. “I think there will be genuine excitement that hopefully they’ll feel from us on stage,” he said, speaking about the Philippine audience.

SINGING ALONGFilipino fans tend to sing along with the band’s love songs during live shows.

“We’ve always loved to do… these acoustic versions that by nature are putting more of the focus on the lyrics, and the melody and the emotion of the song,” said lead singer Alejandro Manzano.

“Whenever we’ve performed live, the crowds sing so passionately in the Philippines, especially to the love songs. So that’s kind of something that’s always struck us,” he said.

Joining the band as front acts for three concerts are singer and model Adie, and pop rock band Nobita. Pop rock band The Juans is joining the front acts for the Manila show only.

Singer-songwriter Adie is best known for his songs “Paraluman,” “Tahanan,” “Dungaw,” and “Mahika.” He is currently one of the top artists on Spotify Philippines, with over 3.6 million monthly listeners. OPM band Nobita entered the music scene with their song “Ikaw Lang” and the wedding-themed track “Unang Sayaw.” Meanwhile, The Juans are behind the chart-topping hits “Hindi Tayo Pwede” and “Hatid.”

“I think this is the most local acts we’ve ever had open for us. So, I think it’s not only going to be our show, but a whole night filled with a bunch of good music,” Fabian Manzano said.

YOUTUBE PERFORMERSOver the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, said that they have become better musicians and released more songs on YouTube.

“There’s new songs for us to play in the concert,” he said.

While YouTube continues to be their primary platform for releasing and promoting music, the band has also continued to post music on Instagram (@boyceavenue) and TikTok (@boyceavenutiktok).

“We have continued to… also post our music on a lot of the other platforms. There’s always a different set of eyes and ears on these other platforms, [there] are always our younger people who are looking at something else,” Daniel Manzano, the band’s drummer, said.

“We do a little bit of all of it, but I have to say our heart always comes back to YouTube — that seems to be a platform that really appreciates high quality musical and video content,” he added.

Being siblings who grew up together, sharing everything from one room and toys to interests in a popular song, show, or movie helped them stay together as a band.

“It’s not to say that we don’t have conflicts or that we don’t have disagreements, but we find a way to make it work and to get through it…,” Alejandro Manzano said. “Maybe if we were just friends, there would have been moments that would have pushed us to a certain point. But I think by nature of being family and brothers we’ve always found a way to make it work and stick together.”

As for new music, Boyce Avenue will release a cover of “Beauty and the Beast,” which they recorded with Irish singer Mia Black, at a later date.

Tickets to the three concerts are on sale via and TicketNet outlets, with tickets for the Cebu and Davao shows also available via and SM Ticket outlets. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman

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