[B-SIDE Podcast] What PHL education should look like in the AI era

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A significant portion of what has traditionally been taught in tertiary education has lost its relevance in the present, according to Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education, a digital creative business school.

In this episode of B-Side, Peachy Pacquing, managing director at Hyper Island Singapore, speaks with BusinessWorld reporter Ashley Erika O. Jose about the need for transformative education, characterized by meta-learning, or learning how to learn.

This approach arises as a response to the changing times, in which technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are now able to perform tasks that were previously taught in traditional educational settings, she said.

“As an example, if we spend so much money educating our children in multimedia, teaching them how to create websites and code, I am not against these hard skills, but how does that play out in a world where AI can create all of these things? Have we prepared them sufficiently for a time when the tools and frameworks that we taught them in the past no longer hold the value they used to deliver?”

“That’s why meta-learning is incredibly important to us because meta-learning is transcendent, meaning it’s not just relevant today, but it will equip you with the skills and mindset that will help you see the world as it evolves and enable you to contribute value regardless of how it evolves,” she added.

Established in Sweden two decades ago, Hyper Island has continued to expand its presence across the globe with operations in London, Manchester, Singapore, New York, São Paulo, Stockholm, and Karlskrona.

“It was born because the Swedish government realized that the way they were doing education was no longer sufficient, or relevant and therefore there was a challenge to reimagine education more than 20 years back,” Ms. Pacquing said.

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