Nasdaq to expand PHL workforce 

By Revin Mikhael D. Ochave, Reporter

GLOBAL technology firm Nasdaq is planning to expand its workforce in the Philippines as part of the company’s move to strengthen its presence and create more job opportunities.

Nasdaq President of Capital Access Platforms Nelson Griggs said during a media briefing in Taguig City on Tuesday that the company is looking to increase its workforce to 400 employees by the end of next year.

Currently, Nasdaq has over 300 employees in the Philippines. The company started with about 100 employees when it opened in the country 10 years ago.   

Many of the new roles will focus on capital markets, private markets, indices, ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), and general financial data analysis. Nasdaq has three divisions: anti-financial crime, market platforms, and capital access platforms.

“We have plans by this time next year to have at least 400 employees. We’re a growing company. We plan to be bigger. It is hard for me to see us not being with very meaningful jobs. The talent here is truly remarkable,” Mr. Griggs said.

“We look forward to building on all of the team’s tremendous accomplishments, as well as doubling down on our existing efforts to deliver continued growth for our clients locally and across the globe,” he added.

Amid plans to hire more employees, Mr. Griggs said Nasdaq is looking at getting additional office space to support its growing operations.

“We’re close [to deciding on the additional office space]. Right now, our expansion plans through 2024 are okay with the space that we have,” he said. “But we do plan to continue the growth and at some point, sure, we need to find new space.”

“Nasdaq is proud of its 10-year track record in the Philippines, and it would not have been possible without our employees who have been instrumental in helping to fuel our success while delivering exceptional service to clients,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nasdaq Philippines Site Lead Marie Christine Joy Comia-Lansangan said that Nasdaq has been hiring new roles to support the business.

“Before, it was just financial analysts that we were looking for. But now we evolved into data engineering and data analysis. There are a lot of new roles coming over here,” Ms. Comia-Lansangan said. 

“That’s the plan, inviting more business units. Nasdaq is more than a stock exchange,” she added. “Nasdaq Manila is a big part of supporting the Nasdaq Group locally and globally.”

Nasdaq is a global technology firm that serves corporate clients, investment managers, banks, brokers, and exchange operators. The company’s products include data, analytics, software, exchange capabilities, and client-centric services.

Neil Banzuelo

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