Philippine small businesses increasingly turn to marketing automation — study


There is a growing interest in marketing automation technologies among small businesses in the Philippines, a study by a web hosting and entrepreneurial aid company showed.

The GoDaddy 2023 Data Observatory showed that 56% of Philippine small business respondents embrace marketing automation, which is on par with the 57% global average, it said in its second set of findings released on Thursday.

They used automated tools for reporting and analytics (62%) and customer behavior tracking (59%) to leverage insights for informed decision-making, it added.

For companies that develop or sell marketing automation tools, the data suggests a robust market potential in the Philippines.

“It is clear that respondents believe that having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for future success,” Selina Bieber, vice president for international markets at GoDaddy, said in an emailed press statement to reporters.

“We encourage them to build a strong online presence to help their business grow,” she added.

The survey found that 65% of Filipino small business owners are keen to sell their products and services online, which is way past the global average of 53%.

It also noted online marketing investments as an increasing priority among respondents, with 85% planning to advertise on social media platforms, 70% seeing to create a responsive website design, and 69% intending to monitor page traffic.

With digitalization efforts ongoing for smaller enterprises, 34% of respondents have mentioned plans to build their own business website in the next three months, while 55% aim to do it next year, the report said.

Benefits of having a website-powered online presence pointed out by respondents included a better showcase of products and services (75%), enhanced visibility (72%), more information about their target audience (72%), exploring new sales channels (71%), and attracting new target audiences (70%), the report said.

The GoDaddy 2023 Data Observatory was conducted globally in March, surveying 4,682 small business owners with one to 50 employees, including the Philippines. — Miguel Hanz L. Antivola


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