‘Think before you tweet’ CEOs told after Just Eat spat with Uber

Chief executives are being warned to “think twice before they tweet” after the boss of takeaway company Just Eat Takeaway was told his Twitter spat with Uber threatened to undermine the firm’s reputation. Jitse Groen this week became the latest in a growing list of chief executives to be rebuked by customers, investors and […]

Google delays planned return to offices as Delta cases rise

Employees at Google have been told that the company will delay their return to the office and will require them to be vaccinated as coronavirus infection rates continue to rise. In an email, Sundar Pichai, the chief executive, told staff that offices would reopen on October 1, more than a month later than planned. […]

Facebook cashes in on Covid lockdowns

Facebook has reported a surge in revenue having benefited from a rise in digital advertising as people spend more time and money online during the pandemic. Quarterly revenues for the three months to the end of June rose by 56 per cent to $29.1 billion, beating analysts’ expectations of $27.9 billion. However, the giant […]

Grandmother wins key age discrimination case

Referring to a work colleague as a grandparent counts as age discrimination even if they are one, a tribunal has ruled. Anne Dopson sued her employer, a publishing company, after a colleague wrote a car review in which she was described as “a grandmother”. She was 62 at the time. The former sales director […]

Collaborations with China National Tobacco Corporation belie PMI & BAT’s smoke-free agendas  

Philip Morris International (PMI) and British American Tobacco (BAT) have been busy diversifying their businesses, investing in new products to prove they are moving beyond cigarettes. After PMI signed off the controversial £1 billion acquisition of the UK asthma drug maker Vectura Group in mid-July, PMI’s CEO André Calantzopoulos hit out at critics by […]

Mdccanada.ca review for Immigration Advice from Professional RCICs

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, you read it right. Even during these uncertain times, you can still get a Canadian visa and move to this amazing country. How is this made possible? Well, thanks to Canada being such a great nation, one that […]

Why Do You Need a Marketing Agency to Promote Your Brand? 5 Strong Reasons!

Gone are the days when business owners were only restricted to promoting their brands using advertisements on radio, newspapers, television and magazines etc. With the modern technology and advanced development, various modern techniques and ways have come up which can ultimately promote your brand amazingly and give better outputs. Both marketing and advertising seems […]

How to Stay Out of Credit Card Debt? 7 Easy Ways!

For conquering the mountain of debt, it requires lots of determination and time. But in case you have the right tools and knowledge, conquering the same will be quite smooth. Also, you never have to take the journey alone as the credit counsellors like https://creditmediation.com.au are there to help you out. Undoubtedly no two […]

Ways to Make Money During a Crypto Crash

Investing in cryptocurrency is a brilliant idea, but you should always be ready for anything. By anything, we mean something that may cause losses during trading. The crypto market is highly volatile and unregulated globally. Having existed for over ten years now, we have seen prices of some cryptocurrencies go high while others go […]